Stockton's Wing

Stockton's Wing: Live — Take One

  • Live — Take One
    • 1985 - TARA 4002 LP
    • 2006 - TARACD 4016 CD — w/3 bonus tracks
  • Side One
    1. Sally Lennon's (Ben Lennon — Arr. Stocton's Wing)
    2. Walk Away (Mike Hanrahan)
    3. Skidoo (Steve Cooney — Arr. Stocton's Wing)
    4. The Chicago Set (Trad. Arr. Stocton's Wing)
    5. Beautiful Affair (Mike Hanrahan)
  • Side Two
    1. Silent Dreams (Paul Roche)
    2. In Our World (Mike Hanrahan/Paul Roche)
    3. The Golden Stud (Mike Hanrahan/Kieran Hanrahan/Paul Roche/Maurice Lennon)
    4. The Mason's Apron (Trad. Arr. Stocton's Wing)
  • Bonus Studio Recordings:
    1. Sally Lennon's
    2. In Our World
    3. The Mason's Apron


  • Musicians
    • Kieran Hanrahan: Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica
    • Mike Hanrahan: Vocals, Guitar
    • Maurice Lennon: Fiddle, Viola
    • Paul Roche: Flute, Whistles
    • Fran Breen: Drums
    • Tony Molloy: Bass
  • Musicians
    • Backing Vocals: The Winglettes
    • Bill Whelan: Keyboards
    • John Kearns: Bass (2006 CD release)
    • Brian Calanan: Percussion (2006 CD release)
  • Credits
    • Produced, Over Dubs: Bill Whelan
    • Executive Producer: Danny Kenny (2006 CD release)
    • Engineered: Andrew Bound
    • Recorded: Dublin/Galway — On: The Errie Mobile
      • TV Club Dublin & Great Southern Hotel, Galway
    • Post Production/Mixing: Lombard Studio, Dublin
    • Playbacks: Windmill 2 Live Sound
    • Engineer (Live Sound): Michael Barry
    • Tape Ops (Assistant Engineers): Brian Nartey and Ian Bryan
    • Thanks to the Crew: Trevor Hanna — Lighting Design & Damien Hughes — Stage Sound
    • Photography: Patrick Scanlan/Brian Devon/Una Williams & Robbie Jones
    • Sleeve: Design Rx/The Creative Department, Dublin
      • Original Design: Steve Averill
    • Sleeve Redesign: Mick Barry
    • Mastered in New York: By Master Disc, New York City
    • Backing Vocals: The Winglettes
    • Special Thanks To: Danny Kenny, Tommy Hayes, Amdromeda P.A. Systems, and to, Our Loyal Fans, Past Present and Future
    • Management: Worldwide Management, 15 Batchelors [sic] Walk, Dublin 1

Sleeve Notes — 2006 release

Stockton's Wing Live was what it was all about. The music, the fans and high energy. I remember the magic of that special interaction between the band and the fans. We had a big sound, dynamic, somewhat eclectic, many mood swings coloured with state of the art lighting, the odd pyrotechnic and a few crazy and often badly executed dance routines. A Wing gig was all about fun and good music. We spent many long hours at Litton Lane Studios in Dublin writing and arranging the music to create that Wing sound which was so distinct. Our studio sessions produced the hits and some great tunes but we never did catch the true essence of the live performance until the release of this album in '85. It is my pleasure to welcome this re issue on CD. I am often asked to remember the best gig. Such a difficult question. Wherever I go these days I meet people who remember a good Stockton's Wing gig. We all have our favourite gig and mine just happened to last for 14 years. Enjoy the show.

Mike Hanrahan (Dec ‘05)