The McPeake Family

The McPeake Family: The Jug Of Punch: Irish Minstrel Airs


  • The Jug Of Punch: Irish Minstrel Airs
    • 1975 - Folktracks FSA 60-071 Cassette
  • Track List:
    1. The Jug Of Punch
    2. Instrumental: Maidrin Rua (The Little Red Fox)
    3. My Singing Bird
    4. Instrumental: The Fairy Revels & The Green Flag (Marches)
    5. The Bonny Bunch Of Roses-O — Frank (unaccompanied solo)
    6. Reels: Mrs. MccLeod's & Swallows Tail
    7. An Doro Fainne (Welcome Home) — sung in Irish
    8. Instrumental: The Blackbird (Song Air & Hornpipe) — Francis (pipes) & James (harp)
    9. Erin The Tear
    10. Instrumental: Lament For Aughrim
    11. The Mountain Dew
    12. The Verdant Braes Of Skrene (Or The False Young Man)
    13. Ireland, Boys, Hooray
    14. Instrumental: The Coulin
    15. Siuban Ni Dhuibhir (Susan Maguire) — Francis & James - sung in Irish
    16. Jigs: Blackthorn Stick & Saddle The Pony
    17. Carraig Donn
    18. Instrumental: Se Fa Mo Mhiughrach (The Cause Of My Sorrow) — Francis & James
    19. The Road To Ballynure
    20. March: Juanita — Francis (pipes) & James (harp)
    21. Lullaby: Seothin Seo — sung in Irish
    22. The Wild Mountain Thyme

  • Credits
    • Recorded by Peter Kennedy, London 15th January 1961.
    • Edited by Peter Kennedy and first published on Folktrax Cassettes 1975.

FRANCIS McPEAKE (1) was born in Belfast in 1885, both parents being called McPeake, his mother from Belfast and his father from County Derry where he was working as a farm labourer at Ballymcpeake. Through his interest in Irish history, he had a dream fulfilled in 1907, when a blind piper, John O Reilly, came to Belfast from Galway to teach him to play the Uillean (meaning elbow) bagpipes. After winning a number of contests in Dublin, he and harper, John Page, were invited to attend the Pan-Celtic Congress in Brussels in 1911.

FRANCIS (2), Frank's eldest son, was born in Belfast in 1917. He became interested in playing the pipes at the end of the Second World War and first played on the radio in 1949. After being recorded by Peter in 1952, he went to London with his father to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in 1956.

JAMES, born 1936, started playing fiddle at the age of 9 and piano-accordion at 12. In the late 50's Frank came across an old Minstrel Harp, made by McFall of Belfast, and James was persuaded to become the third member of the family trio.

In 1995 the tradition goes on into the fourth generation with better and better family singing, whistle-playing and Uillean piping. THE McPEAKE FAMILY are now Francie McPeake, the 3rd, performing with his two sons Francie (4) and Eugene on bouzouki. The vocalist is young Francie's wife, Paula.

The first recordings of the McPeake's by Peter Kennedy were made in their home in Belfast in 1952.

Recorded by Peter Kennedy in 1952, the unique Francis McPEAKE, Senior and Junior, with an album of their Irish songs and Uillean pipe-music. These are the earliest recordings of this outstanding Belfast family — 8 of the songs being introduced by "Me Da" — as the son calls his father.