Eddie & Finbar Furey: Finbar & Eddie Furey - The Original


  • Finbar & Eddie Furey - The Original
    • 1977 - Transatlantic 44 001 LP
  • Side One
    1. The Lonesome Boatman [2]
    2. The Spanish Cloak [1]
    3. Dance Around The Spinning Wheel [2]
    4. The Prickly Bush [2]
    5. Leezy Llndsay [1]
    6. Bill Hart's Favourite [2]
  • Side Two
    1. Come By The Hills (Gordon Smith) [1]
    2. The Flowers In The Valley [1]
    3. This Town ls Not Your Town (Shay Healey) [1]
    4. Let Me Go To The Mountains [2]
    5. Jig: Graham's Flat (Finbar Furey) [1]
    6. Reel: Pigeon On The Gate [1]

  • Credits
    • All selections Traditional unless otherwise indicated.
    • © 1977 Transatlantic Records Ltd.

  • This is a compilation of previously released material from Eddie & Finbar's 2 Transatlantic LPs
    1. Tracks from Finbar & Eddie Furey: 1968 - Transatlantic TRA 168 LP
    2. Tracks from The Lonesome Boatman: 1969 - Transatlantic TRA 191 LP

Sleeve Notes

Did you know that there really is a world champion in bagpipe playing? Finbar Furey is his name and he has won the world Cup three times. And he has also been named the Champion Irish Flute Player twenty-seven times! Together with his brother Eddie, he tours the world to acquaint it with what is Irish: love for fellow men (and women!), love for drink and love for his country.

Eddie and Finbar represent the "simple and unvarnished" Ireland in the best sense of the words. Whoever hears them dreams of green meadows, maidens with milk and honey faces, smoky pubs, haunted castles. rebellions and eccentric fellows.

Traditional dances, fighting and love songs and virtuoso mandolin feats have made the Fureys famous all over the world. Their most beautiful recordings have been collected for this longplaying disk. They range in mood and message from the socially critical "This Town Is Not Your Own" (about the freedom of gypsies) to the wedding ballad, "Leezy Lindsay", all the way to the temperamental jigs and reels like "Graham's Flat" and "Pigeon On The Gate."

One of their tours evoked the following from critic Ulrich Olshausen of the highly-respected newspaper. Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung:-"With the virtuosity of their playing, the keen sense of sound quality in their many instrumentations, their inherent showmanship in their presentations, they are the best of what Irish folklore has to offer today."

And so Eddie and Finbar Furey count among the best interpreters of Irish folk-music ever. They're not ones for experimentation; they play and sing exactly like their ancestors did. Time seems to stand still when one listens to them. And that in these hectic times, is indeed a most enjoyable contrast.