The Abbey Tavern Singers

The Abbey Tavern Singers


"The story, as outlined by the ARC Records sleeve notes, stated that: "The Abbey Tavern Singers were formed in 1962 when Mrs. (Minnie) Scott-Lennon of the Abbey Tavern in Howth, Dublin decided that musicians and balladeers performing in a relaxed sing-along manner would be popular. Within a short time the newly formed Singers were drawing capacity crowds into the Howth establishment. In 1966 a solid Irish rouser "We're Off To Dublin In The Green" featuring the singers was released on TV as a beer commercial. This ad created by Carling Breweries Ltd. increased the group's popularity many times over and indeed in Canada listening to the Abbey Tavern Singers fast became the new national past-time. This song-come-jingle was then released on record by the Singers and became an international hit. Shortly thereafter the Abbey Tavern Singers toured North America and charmed the continent."

Source: CANOE -- JAM! Music - Pop Encyclopedia

The Abbey Tavern is still owned and operated by the Scott-Lennon family and the Abbey Tavern Singers continue to perform.


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  • Alternate Releases:
    • The Rafters Ring at the Abbey Tavern: 1966 - PYE NSPL 30089 LP — Canada
    • We're Off To Dublin In The Green: 1966 - Arc ACM (mono) ACS (stereo) 5003 LP — Canada
    • You Don't Have To Be Irish: 1967 – ARC ACM-5005 LP — (Super Stereo)
    • We're Off To Dublin In The Green: 1968 - Spin SBS 1008 LP — UK
    • The Abbey Tavern Singers On Tour: 1970 - Spin RGS 3011 LP — UK