the Irish Balladeers

Irish Rebel Songs
1970 - Avoca Records 33 ST 170 LP

Side One

Rising The Moon Medley (Rising of the Moon, The Harp that Once, The Minstrel Boy, Jackets Green)

Voices Of Ireland

The Irish Soldier Laddie

Valley Of Knockanure

The Orange White And Green

The Dying Rebel

Side Two

The Bold Black And Tan

The Old Fenian Gun

The Patriot Game

The Croppy Boy

Henry Joy

Come To The Bower


Recorded at Ultra-Sonic Recording Studios, Hempstead, N.Y.
Engineer: Jeff Kracke
Produced & Directed by: Francis X. Cashin

Sleeve Notes


The Irish Balladeers popular singing group from Scranton, Pa. follow-up their two previous hit albums for AVOCA with a selection of Irish Rebel Songs derived in the main from the various eras of some six centuries of Ireland's struggle for a free and united Ireland.

Singing and accompanying themselves they bring to this album new wonderful adaptations of famous and popular Irish Rebel Songs, plus a new original composition of their own The Voices of Ireland, and The Orange, White and Green, written by the writer; as well as a new stirring musical setting of The Bold Black and Tan, a fierce and bitter indictment of England and her infamous Black and Tans.

The Irish Balladeers comprise the three Roger brothers, Chuck, Bob and John and brother-in-law Ted Andrews. And joining her brothers in a beautiful rendition of The Dying Rebel, their sister and Ted's wife, the lovely Mary Jane Andrews.

With Chuck on harmonica, Bob on guitar and John on tambourine, the group has been augmented for this recording by DON WHITAKER, a very talented Scranton musician, on bass and guitar. Rounding out the musical accompaniment is the Irish accordionist SHEAMUS HENEGHAN.

All together this group has recorded one of the finest albums of Irish patriotic songs and we know you'll agree when you listen to this superb recording.

Notes by Anna M. Cashin

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