Rebel Chorus - A Concert Of Contemporary Political Song  •  Anthologies

  • Rebel Chorus - A Concert Of Contemporary Political Song
    • 1982 - Larrikin LRF 2053 LP (x2)
  • Side One
    1. Freedom On The Wallaby (Henry Lawson)
    2. Terania Creek (Kathy O'Sullivan)
    3. F111 (Lyell Sayer, Clem Parkinson)
    4. Life Wasn't Meant To Be Easy (Lyell Sayer, Clem Parkinson)
    5. Pot Pourri (Dennis Kevans)
      • Elizabeth The Last; The Thief; Unseamly Words; Photo Finish; The Pig; The Generous Boss; A Tumbler Of Drambuie; Teen Problems; Pacific Wonderland; The Enemy; The Slouch Of Vietnam; Paper Boy; Flog A Wog A Day; The Photo; The Dogman & City Of Green
  • Side Two
    1. H.M.A.S. Australia (Schuman)
    2. Critique In G (Atkinson)
    3. Off The Hit Parade (Red Gum)
    4. Killing Floor (Atkinson)
    5. Raggin (Hicks, Atkinson)
    6. Beaumont Rag (Red Gum)
  • Side Three
    1. This One Consulation; A Good Reason; Hard To Move; No Seats On This Train; Cutting Losses &; The Great Prawn War (Dennis Kevans)
    2. Train Trip To Guilford (Dengate)
    3. Thanks To The Yanks (Dengate)
    4. My Names Bill (Dengate)
    5. Song Of The Sheet Metal Worker (Dengate)
    6. Kerry Packer (Dengate)
  • Side Four
    1. My Pal Mal (Bogle)
    2. What A Friend We Have In Malcolm (Bogle)
    3. Song Of The Whale (Bogle)
    4. I Hate Wogs (Bogle)
    5. Now I'm Easy (Bogle)
    6. No Mans Land (Bogle)

  • Performers:
    • The Larrikins (Tracks: 1-4)
    • Dennis Kevans (Tracks: 5 & 12)
    • Red Gum (Tracks: 6-11)
    • John Dengate (Tracks: 12-17)
    • Eric Bogle (Tracks: 18-23)
  • Credits
    • Recorded Live at The Teacher's Federation Auditorium Sydney by the Amalgamated Metal Workers & Shipwrights Union.