Colin Wilkie
& Shirley Hart

Bangter Rites!


  • Bangter Rites!
    • 2011 - Green Hill 10311 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Old Trophies Gather Dust
    2. Susanna Is There?
    3. With Kafka On The Shore
    4. Carved In Stone
    5. Never-Never Land
    6. The Night Cafe
    7. If I Only Knew How
    8. One-Hit Wonderland
    9. Nathure Speaks With A Thousand Voices
    10. Me and Nikki
    11. Annie Armada
    12. Sometime Between The Past
    13. Dink's Song
    14. Central Ferry No.2

  • Musicians
    • Colin Wilkie: Vocals, Guitar
    • Shirley Hart: Vocals
    • Jörg Suckow: Piano & Cello
    • Julian Dawson: Blues Harp
    • Biber Herrmann: Guitar
    • Johannes Epremian: Fiddle
    • Wizz Jones: Guitar
    • Klaus Weiland: Guitar
  • Credits
    • Producer: Andy Horn
    • Credits may be incomplete …


Colin Wilkie has long been recognized one of the European Singer-Songwriter scene's pioneers, whose songs have been recorded by: Th'Antique Roadshow, Gary and Vera Aspey, John Pearse, Tony Ireland, Julian Dawson, Johnny Collins, Le Clou, Hannes Wader, Anne Wiley, Liederjan, and many other performers. On his new album "Bangter Rites!" he presents both thought provoking, and humerous material. The, in the meantime, 76 year old remains musically versatile and vital; at times the songs swing to a country fiddle, or move gently with cello and piano, groove to a slide-guitar and blues harp, or a multiplicity of other musical accompaniments. Backing Colin are some of his longtime friends and colleagues: Shirley Hart, Julian Dawson, Jörg Suckow, Klaus Weiland, Johannes Epremian, Biber Herrmann, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Horn, who also produced the album.