The Pogues: The Pogues in Paris
30th Anniversary Concert at the Olympia

  • The Pogues in Paris — 30th Anniversary Concert
    • 2012 - Universal/Polydor 372-082-5 LP [3 LPs]
    • 2012 - Universal/Polydor 371-969-6 CD (2 disc set)
    • 2012 - Universal/Polydor 371-811-5 Box Set (4 discs & book)
      • 2 CDs, DVD of the Concert & Bonus DVD …
    • 2012 - Universal/Polydor 371-962-5 DVD
    • 2012 - Universal/Polydor 371-979-0 Blu-Ray
  • Track List:
    1. Générique Début
    2. Streams of Whiskey (Shane MacGowan)
    3. If I Should Fall from Grace with God (Shane MacGowan)
    4. The Broad Majestic Shannon (Shane MacGowan)
    5. Greenland Whale Fisheries (Trad.)
    6. A Pair of Brown Eyes (Shane MacGowan)
    7. Tuesday Morning (Spider Stacy)
    8. Kitty (Trad.)
    9. The Sunnyside of the Street (Jem Finer/Shane MacGowan)
    10. Thousands Are Sailing (Philip Chevron)
    11. Repeal of the Licensing Laws (Spider Stacy)
    12. Lullaby of London (Shane MacGowan)
    13. The Body of an American (Shane MacGowan)
    14. Young Ned of the Hill (Ron Kavana/Terry Woods)
    15. Boys from the County Hell (Shane MacGowan)
    16. Dirty Old Town (Ewan MacColl)
    17. Bottle of Smoke (Jem Finer/Shane MacGowan)
    18. The Sicked Bed of Cuchulainn (Shane MacGowan)
    19. Sally MacLennane (Shane MacGowan)
    20. Rainy Night in Soho (Shane MacGowan)
    21. The Irish Rover (Joseph Crofts)
    22. Star of the County Down (Trad.)
    23. Poor Pady on the Railway (Trad.)
    24. Fairytale of New York (Jem Finer/Shane MacGowan)
    25. Fiesta (Jem Finer/Edmund Kotscher/Rudi Lindt/Shane MacGowan)
    26. Générique Fin
    27. Thousands Are Sailing (Live From Manchester MEN Arena/2006)
  • Bonus DVD
    1. Les Enfants Du Rock (1986)
    2. Avenue Du Rock (1986)

  • The Pogues
    • Shane MacGowan, Jem Finer, Spider Stacy, James Fearnley, Andrew Ranken, Philip Chevron, Darryl Hunt, Terry Woods
  • Musicians
    • Special Guest on "Fairytale of New York": Ella Finer
    • Brass Section:
      • Pete Fraser: Saxophone
      • Dan Gale-Hayes: Trumpet
      • Ian Williamson: Trombone

  • Credits
    • A&R, Project Manager for Universal Music/Polydor: Lionel Grosheny
    • Assisted by Julie Yadi & Florian Thouzellier
    • Project manager: Laure Coton Laurent
    • Assisted by Chnstophe Lameignere & Nicolas Chuong
    • Recorded by Manu Guiot on the 11th and 12th of September 2012 at The Olympia in Paris
    • Mixed by Manu Guiot and Paul Scully, assisted by Antoine Bordeaux, at Studio Ferber (Paris)
    • Mastering by Raphael Jonin
    • The Pogues would like to sincerely thank all their family and friends.
    • Thanks to our wonderful crew Paul Scully, Jacqueline Nott, Ian Turner, Alan 'Bud' Goulding,
    • Jos Grain, Tony Bateman, Ólan Clarke and Zöe Hodge
    • Special thanks to Lionel Grosheny and everybody at Universal Music France, Mark Addis, Siobhan MacGowan, Victoria Mary Clarke, Ken Bruen who were all involved in this project
    • Photographers: Carole Epinette, Robin François, Steve Pyke, Hans-Peter van Velthoven
    • Design: Jean-Marc Dauvergne
    • Management: Mark Addis @ Brontone Management (
    • Website:
    • Sound recording by ATECH-DRS
    • Production Sound Manager and Mixer: Jean-Marie Roussel
    • Mobile studio manager: Jean-Louis Nathan
    • Assistant sound engineers: Laurent Piel, Patrick Michelon, Daniel Pires
    • Live Executive Producer and Director General
    • For Polydor and Benjamin International Production
      • Christophe Lameignere, Lionel Grosheny, Jean-Marc Valay, Stéphane Braille, Ganxtah, Philippe Chioselli, François-Régis Ferry
    • For the Olympia: Amaud Delbarre, Yvette Capoulade, Johana Lajoinie, Christian Soulabaille
    • Sounds:
      • On/Off
      • Front of house: Gregoire Benezet
      • Foldback Anthony Lacour
    • Lighting: Regie Lumiere & Philippe Amblard
    • Special Effects: C17sfx
    • Catering: Pur Sucre
    • For The Pogues:
      • Front of House Sound: Paul Scully
      • Onstage sound: Jacqueline Nott
      • Lighting: Ian Turner
      • Backline Tech: Alan 'Bud' Goulding
      • Backline Tech: Jos Grain
      • Backline Tech: Tony Bateman
      • Personal Assistant: Ólan Clarke
      • Tour and Production Manager: Zöe Hodge
  • Notes:
    • Tracks: 1, 26 & 27 do not appear on the LP or CD releases.
    • The Book & Bonus Disc are only included in the Box-Set.