The Pogues: If I Should Fall From Grace With God

  • If I Should Fall From Grace With God
    • 1988 - Pogue Mahone NYR1 LP (UK)
    • 1988 - Island 422 842 878-2 LP (USA release/different cover)
    • 1988 - Pogue Mahone CDNYR1 CD (w/2 additional tracks)
    • 2004 - WSM 5046-75960-2 CD (Re-mastered – w/6 Bonus Tracks)
  • Side One
    1. If I Should Fall From Grace With God (Shane McGowan)
    2. Turkish Song Of The Damned (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    3. Bottle Of Smoke (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    4. Fairytale Of New York — Featuring - Kirsty MacColl (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    5. Metropolis (Jem Finer)
    6. Thousands Are Sailing (Philip Chevron)
  • Side Two
    1. Fiesta (Jem Finer & Shane McGowan)
    2. Medley (The Recruiting Sergeant/The Rocky Road To Dublin/Galway Races)
    3. Streets Of Sorrow (Terry Woods) / Birmingham Six (Shane McGowan)
    4. Lullaby Of London (Shane McGowan)
    5. Sit Down By The Fire (Shane McGowan)
    6. The Broad Majestic Shannon (Shane McGowan)
    7. Worms
  • Bonus Tracks:
    1. The Battle March Medley (Terry Woods)
    2. The Irish Rover — w/The Dubliners
    3. Mountain Dew — w/The Dubliners
    4. Shanne Bradley (Shane McGowan)
    5. Sketches Of Spain (Jem Finer)
    6. South Australia

  • The Pogues
    • Jem Finer: Banjo, Mandola, Saxophone
    • James Fearnley: Accordion, Piano, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Guitar, Percussion, Cello
    • Shane MacGowan: Vocals, Guitar
    • Andrew Ranken: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Harmonica
    • Terry Woods: Cittern, Concertina, Mandola, Tenor Banjo, Dulcimer, Guitar, Vocals
    • Spider Stacy: Tin Whistle, Vocals
    • Philip Chevron: Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals
    • Darryl Hunt: Bass, Percussion, Vocals
  • Musicians
    • Eli Thompson: Trumpet - courtesy of After Tonite
    • Brian Clarke: Alto Sax - courtesy of After Tonite
    • Joe Cashman: Tenor Saxophone
    • Paul Taylor: Trombone
    • Chris Lee: Trumpet
    • Ron Kavana: Tenor Banjos, Spoons, Mandolin
    • Siobhan Sheahan: Harp
    • Fran Byrne: Bodhrán
    • The Pogues Choir: The Pogues, The Man From the Indian Take-away, Brian Sheridan from the Off-licence, John Lawler, Ron Kavana, Joe Cashman,Paul Verner, Steve Lillywhite, Frank Murray, Paul Scully
  • Original Credits
    • Produced by Steve Lillywhite
    • Engineered by Chris Dickie, Roy Spong, Nick Lacey
    • Recorded and mixed at RAK Studios
    • Strings recorded at The Town House
    • Engineered by Steve Lillywhite
    • Arranged by Fiachra Trench and James Fearnley
    • Photography: James Joyce, Bernice Abbott — The Pogues, Iain McKell
    • Design: Simon Ryan
    • Montage Retouching: Michael Mann Studios
  • The Pogues Crew
    • Sound: Paul Scully, Dave Jordan
    • Lights: Paul Verner
    • Stage: Charlie MacLennon, Roger Smith
    • Road Manager: Joe Cashman Manager, Frank Murray at Hill 16
  • 2004 Reissue Credits
    • Artwork By - CD Package Design: Phil Smee
    • Reissue Project Team: Carlos Anaia, Erik James, Rick Conrad
    • Sleeve Notes: Gavin Martin, Steve Earl
    • Photography: Steve Tynan
    • Remastered by Nick Robbins