Ron Kavana

Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance, and Reconciliation

  • Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance, and Reconciliation
    • 1998 - Proper/Retro R2CD 40-73 CD (x2)
    • 1998 - Fine Tune 1121-1 CD — USA & Canada
    • 2000 - Dejavu Retro R2CD 40-73 CD
    • 2006 - Primo Records 6015 CD
    • 2007 - Primo Records 6015 CD
  • Disc One
    1. Easter 1916/Caoimhneadh Roisin (Kavana/William Butler Yeats)
    2. To Welcome Paddy Home (Traditional)
    3. Boolavogue (Traditional)
    4. The The Shan Van Vocht (Traditional)
    5. Erin's Lovely Lee (Traditional)
    6. The The Boys of Barr Na Sraide (Sigerson Clifford/Traditional)
    7. Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya (Traditional)
    8. Brennan On the Moor (Traditional)
    9. The The Wind That Shakes the Barley (Traditional)
    10. Reconciliation (Kavana)
    11. The The Grand Auld Dame Britannia (Traditional)
    12. Glory O To the Bold Fenian Men (Traditional)
    13. The The Pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes (Traditional)
    14. James Connolly (Traditional)
    15. Roddy McCorley (Traditional)
    16. Dunlavin Green (Traditional)
    17. Medley: Robert Emmett's Last Words/Scaffold Passage (Kavana/Traditional)
    18. Cry, Cry, Cry (Kavana)
    19. Medley: Kitty/Taddy O'Neil (Traditional)
    20. Lake Of Coolfin
  • Disc Two
    1. Force of Argument/Laments of Limerick (Kavana/Traditional)
    2. The The Wearing of the Green (Traditional)
    3. The The Patriot Game (Dominic Behan)
    4. Skibereen (Traditional)
    5. Medley: Home Fire/Beyond the Pale (Kavana)
    6. The The Foggy Dew (Traditional)
    7. The The Boys of the County Cork (Traditional)
    8. Follow Me Up To Carlow (Traditional)
    9. Four Green Fields (T. Makem)
    10. God Bless England (Kearney)
    11. Boys of Mullaghbawn (Traditional)
    12. The The Praties They Grow Small (Traditional)
    13. Truth and Understanding (Kavana/Gino Lupari)
    14. The The Mountains of Pomeroy (Traditional)
    15. Medley: Sands of Time/Kesh Jig (Kavana/Traditional)
    16. The The Rocks of Bawn (Traditional)
    17. The The Sea Around Us (Dominic Behan)
    18. Medley: a Nation Once Again/Amhran Na Bhfiann (Heaney/Traditional)

  • Alias Acoustic Band
    • Ron Kavana: Vocals, Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandola, Mandolin, Keyboards, Percussion
    • Miriam Kavana: Vocals, Fiddle
    • Andy Martyn: Accordion
    • Rod Dernick: Bass
    • Gino Lupari: Bodhrán, Bones, Shakers, Backing Vocals
    • Tomas Lynch: Uilleann Pipes, Whistle, Backing Vocals
    • Brian McNeill: Fiddle, Concertina, Backing Vocals
    • Leonard Barry: Uilleann Pipes, Whistles
    • Mick Flynn: Flute
    • Mick McAulay: Accordion
    • Olly Blanchflower: Bowed Bass
    • Chopper: Cello
  • Credits
    • Produced by Ron Kavana for Malcom Mills/Proper Records Ltd.
    • Thanks to Chris Mann
    • 1998 © Proper Records Ltd.
    • Licensed exclusively to RETRO
    • 2001 © Recording Arts — Dejavu Retro Gold Collection


The troubled history of Ireland is forever enshrined in folksong. This collection is distilled from the thousands of songs, stories and poems that have been wrought from the hands and hearts of the people of Ireland over the centuries.