Ron Kavana

Galway to Graceland
Alias Ron Kavana


  • Galway to Graceland
    • 1995 - Alias CDARK 002 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Shamrock City and The Edmonton Reel (T. Clarke and R. Kavana)
    2. True To The End (R. Kavana)
    3. Watch Out Willie (R. Kavana) & Trip To Durrow/Gravel Walk
    4. Martha (The Flower Of Sweet Strabane) (Trad. Arr. R. Kavana)
    5. Kathy Boyd's Waltz (R. Kavana) & Cajun Train
    6. Cap-Gun Kid and The New Lee Highway Blues & The Spindle Shanks (R. Kavana/D. Bromberg)
    7. Galway To Graceland Medley:
      1. Nora Lee (Trad. Arr. R. Kavana)
      2. Galway To Graceland (R. Thompson)
      3. Are You Lonesome Tonight (R. Turk/L. Handman)
    8. New Rising Of The Moon (R. Kavana)
    9. St. Patrick's Day In New Orleans (R. Kavana/A. Martyn)
    10. Mexican Holiday & Luz
    11. 19th Nervous Breakdown (Jagger Richard) and The Blacksmith's Daughter (Trad. Arr. R. Kavana)
    12. Born With The Blues (R. Kavana)
    13. Fine, Fine, Fine (F. Soileau/S. Simiens) & Statten Island/Chief O'Neill's Favourite (Trad. Arr. R. Kavana)
    14. Looney Tune/Farewell (M. Franklin/R. Kavana)

  • The Alias Band
    • Ron Kavana: Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin
    • Miriam Kavana: Fiddle, Vocals
    • Rod Demick: Bass, Vocals
    • Andy Martyn: Accordion
    • Les Morgan: Drums
  • Musicians
    • Mick McAulay: Accordion, Whistle
    • Tomás Lynch: Uilleam Pipes
    • Leonard Barry: Uilleann pipes
    • Terry Clarke: Vocals
  • Credits
    • Produced by Ron Kavana
    • Recorded at Alias and Novasonics Studios, London 1995
    • Alias sessions engineered by Ron Kavana
    • Novasonics sessions engineered by John Milner who was assisted by Man Mars
    • Post production at Novasonics by John Milner and Ron Kavana
    • Front cover photograph by Tommy Rygielski
    • Artwork: Jim McPhee, Acorn Entertainments