Don't Monkey With My Gun


  • Don't Monkey With My Gun
    • 2003 - Claron CL CD 01 CD
  • Track List:
    1. High Barbaree
    2. Lamorna
    3. The Candlelight Fisherman
    4. Don't Monkey With My Gun
    5. Lay Me A Pallet On Your Floor
    6. The Burglar Man
    7. The Farmer's Cursed Wife
    8. Raggle Taggle Gypsy
    9. Hellbound Train
    10. The Cuckoo
    11. Goober Peas
    12. Down And Out Blues
    13. Ada
    14. Our Good Man
    15. Old Bob Ridley
    16. The Coal Owner And The Pitman's Wife
    17. The Threshing Song
    18. Buy Broom Besoms
    19. The Outlandish Knight
    20. She Was Poor But She Was Honest
    21. Widdicombe Fair
    22. Black Is The Colour
    23. Goodnight To Your Webfooted Friends


This was Steve Benbow's last recording, his first for over 25 years. It features 23 tracks, two of which are his own compositions. Recorded in February 2003 it is perhaps his best recording to date and serves as a reminder of a performer who has been too long neglected.

Steve Benbow has been a popular figure in the Folk and Jazz world for longer than he cares to remember, making many recording over the years. This CD shows that he has lost none of the magic that has ensured his enduring popularity.