Eric Bogle

Eric Bogle: The Dreamer


  • The Dreamer
    • 2009 - Greentrax CDTRAX 337 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Bringing Buddy Home
    2. Standing in the Light
    3. Nothing Worth Saving
    4. Snowdrop
    5. The Dreamer
    6. Flying Away
    7. Canadian Christmas Song
    8. Someone Else's Problem
    9. Lost Soul
    10. An Australian Prayer for Rain
    11. The Last Note

  • Musicians
    • John Munro: acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals
    • Emma Luker: fiddle, cello, backing vocals
    • Phil Cuneen: piano
    • Pete Titchener: acoustic guitar
    • Trev Warner: dobro
    • Damien Steele-Scott: electric bass


The Dreamer is Eric Bogle's 15th album and is released as Eric prepares to hang up his 'touring boots' and embark on a final UK tour.